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Veal (including Halal) Veal (including Halal)

Veal (including Halal)

We source our veal from the finest Dutch producers, who deliver milk fed and grain fed veal daily.

Cuts available

  • Knuckle - The knuckle is cut from where the calf’s leg joins the body. It is great when slow cooked in stews or pies
  • Hind Shank - Taken from the rear of the animal, the hind shank is perfect for stewing and braising
  • Liver - More commonly known as Calves Liver, this is great for frying and is full of iron
  • Loin - Perfect for roasts, the loin is one of the choicest cuts of veal
  • Best End - Part of the forequarter, the best end is used for roasts and stews
  • Marrow Bones - Made famous by its use in the Italian dish Osso Bucco and Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup, it is also perfect for beef stocks
  • Top Side - Lean and tender, the top side joint is taken from the rear quarter and is ideal for roasting and pot roasting

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