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Beef (including Halal) Beef (including Halal)

Beef (including Halal)

All our beef is under 30 months old and comes from some of the finest cattle herds across England and Ireland. Our experienced butchers can accurately provide bone-in cut, or we can provide fresh cryvac, boxed primal cuts.

Cuts available

  • Rump - Cut on the bone with the fillet head. Also sold off the bone.
  • Loin - Cut with three ribs. Also sold as boneless strip loin or cryvaced fillet
  • Fore Rib - Cut from ten bone fore quarters to provide either a 4 bone or 5 bone fore rib. We also sell boneless ribeye
  • Short Fore - Provides some of the leanest beef for dicing and braising
  • Pony - The boneless alternative would be a chuck roll, or LMC
  • Forequarter Flank - Naturally lean, the flank is perfect for braising, marinating and making ground beef
  • Hindquarter Flank - Naturally lean, the flank is perfect for braising or making ground beef
  • Shin - On and off the bone
  • Brisket - Cut from the breast and lower chest, brisket is great when smoked or cooked slowly
  • Clod - Traditionally used in the Scottish dish ‘mince and tatties’, the clod is taken from the neck area of the cow
  • Top Bit - Sold on the bone or as cryvac cuts including Top Side, Silver Side and Knuckle

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