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Lamb (including Halal) Lamb (including Halal)

Lamb (including Halal)

With a business ethos that puts emphasis on strong supplier relationships, our top grade lambs are sourced from England and Wales. We can meet exacting customer expectations and source lamb from specific regions or counties.

Cuts available

  • Leg - We offer short cut leg of lamb and we can also supply haunch cut legs.
  • Chine - Also known as saddle. We can cut the chine short without the chump
  • Best End - Expertly cut with eight bones. The best end most commonly used for French Trimmed Rack or cutlets
  • Shoulder - Average weight per shoulder 2.5kg
  • Middle Neck - Always cut as 4 bone
  • Scrag - The scrag is taken from the neck of the lamb and is perfect for slow cooking
  • Breast - An inexpensive cut of lamb, the breast has maximum flavour when cooked slowly
  • Shanks - We can supply shanks fresh or frozen, and also cryvac packed
  • Neck Fillet - Cut from the scrag and middle
  • Trim - We stock a range of trim from 90VL to 50VL
  • Whole Lamb

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